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Get Sorted: services


Don't panic!

Decluttering is one of those things that's prone to be more complicated in your mind than it is in practice. Get Sorted will make the process easy with practical and stylish tricks, tips and expert advice. 

Room arrangement & design

Create more space!

Self analysis is never easy and sometimes you can't see what needs doing on your own. Get Sorted will assist with furniture placement, clever storage ideas and room layout - finding a home for all those precious bits and pieces 

Kiddy chaos

Sure, we love our kids but when Tommy's trains and Lucy's Lego combine with Sally's glitter - we all need a little lie down. Get Sorted offers genius storage solutions for all the kiddies' most treasures possessions with easy functionality (so they can

self-manage clean up).

Namaste kids.

Menu planning

What's for dinner?!

 If you find yourself never knowing the answer to this question, shopping too often and still not knowing what to cook - if your pantry is heaving with old and unused items, Get Sorted! We offer nutritional weekly menu plans adapted to your family's taste.

Home stocktake

Honey where's the BluTac?!

Do you find yourself recklessly buying the same item over and over - before randomly discovering a cache in the bottom left drawer?

You need to do a home stocktake. Learn how - and stop that wasteful spending! 

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